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W is for Reconsidering the Winds

Originally posted: 2013-11-11

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="257"]prayer flags, shells, and other things that sound lovely when they blow in the breeze Shrine to the Winds[/caption]

Air is the element I've associated with Odin in the past.

I haven't postedĀ Manifesting Air yet. Hers is a story I know fairly well but haven't spent time with in years. I'm not sure why we get away from each other.

Air was the first element that IĀ felt as an element, as energy, however you want to describe it. When I was doing the baby pagan thing, it was the first one I connected to. My tarot significator was the page of air for as long as I used tarot significators.

Somewhere along the line, though, I lost track of the Winds. I love a windy day, I can still feel the energy around me when a storm's blowing through, but it's not an element I feel like I connect to the way I do Fire and Metal. Maybe that's something else I should be working on.