Jack of Many Trades

V is for Virtues and Values

Originally posted: 2013-11-02

Also Ethics, but Ethics doesn't start with V. Somehow I've gotten ten whole months out of the way talking about what I believe in without talking about values and ethics.

It's not because I don't think they're important, mind you. I just feel that values, ethics and virtue, like fiction writing, should adhere to the rule of "show don't tell." I hope that my values come across in my writing: simplicity, practicality, self-honesty, hospitality, generosity, industry.

Does it really mean anything for me to tell you that I value generosity if I'm not giving of my time and money? Does it mean anything for me to tell you I value industry if I'm lazing around all the time? Even if you believed me, my words would be hollow and without honor.

As for telling others what is virtuous, I can only tell you what to value if you decide to follow Theos Logos, and even then, it's more like guidelines, really. I can't control you. I might tell you what I think of your virtues and your actions, but I don't consider it my job to tell everyone what to believe. That's a little too prideful for my tastes.