Jack of Many Trades

September Links

Originally posted: 2013-09-23

Here's some stuff I've enjoyed this month:

ConundrumsIt amuses me to note that what Loki asked from me (practically demanding as I moaned about needing sleep when He flooded my mind with ideas) on this year’s Lokablot, to make Him art, is that that is my life. Yes, this. We can use our gifts to serve the gods, but too often there's a missed step in there.

S is for… the Shadow and the FlameI sit and watch Afagddu for a while, but I feel very little. I’m worried that I’m ‘getting it wrong’. And then I look at Creirwy. An extremely thoughtful account of a meditation and a lesson from Naomi.

Seattle MagicAs I am fond of telling people back in the Midwest “Washington is Magic”. Because this place really does just feel like magic. This captures similar things to how I feel about Portland.

Witch Skills: Shielding - The key thing to remember about shielding is this: keep it personal. Shielding is something I still struggle with, off and on, and reading about how other people do it always gives me new ideas. Morag has some nifty ones.

Starting My Own TraditionSo as things stand, I'm done with trying to shoehorn myself into other people's traditions and make the proverbial oddly-shaped peg fit the round hole. Though it's obviously a different tradition than the one I'm working on, this echoes a lot of my feelings about Theos Logos and DIY religion.

She Calls Me Priest - I don't really have a pull quote for this one. It's long. It's complex and detailed. It's also pretty brilliant and I haven't seen it get nearly enough traffic.