Jack of Many Trades

Thought Processes

Originally posted: 2013-08-07

Intuition, of course, is the province of the Dark and the unconscious mind, where She speaks loudest without being heard. The Dark teaches you to listen.

Reason is undoubtably the language of Order, wherein each concept or process is laid out by Her, step by step. Order teaches you to watch.

The Light speaks in inspiration, the moment of bright clarity where all becomes clear. Once the answer is obvious, She lights the path. The Light teaches you to see.

Chaos, finally, speaks through emotion. What is experienced this way may not make sense, but that does not make Her lessons any less real. Chaos teaches you to feel.

(void) does not speak. Nonetheless, we can listen to Her. This has been given many names, but I think the best is no-mind. (void) teaches you to be.