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Review: Kindling Our Stars

Originally posted: 2013-06-18

Kindling Our Stars: Nurturing Bright and Dark FlamesKindling Our Stars: Nurturing Bright and Dark Flames by Genevieve Wood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I originally picked this book up because it was recommended to me on the Cauldron forums. I don't read a lot of "philosophical" pagan books these days, but I was very pleased with this book. Wood's writing hits a perfect note between practical thought exercises and theology of the soul. In each chapter, she lays out a concept like the Bright or Dark Flame, then gets into details about how we can use that concept to better understand ourselves or live a happier life. Without preaching or even necessarily trying to lead, she offers the religiophilosophy of FlameKeeping so that we can decide how to make it relevant and useful to us, and as a reader who already has a wide breadth of reading to draw on, I find that much more helpful than being led around by the nose. Definitely recommended to anyone who's looking for a framework to hang their inner and outer work on.