Jack of Many Trades

Shopping Principles: No Big Box Stores

Originally posted: 2013-05-23

The last time my wife and I set foot in a Walmart was last fall, and at first I thought that was pretty good. Now I know we can do better. Trading up to Target and Ikea isn't much of an improvement.

It's funny what you realize you have an attachment to. Target is not hard to give up, really. Home Depot and Lowes are easily replaced by the local hardware store. Best Buy is a little harder; I'm not sure yet where I'm going to get my next computer. This will require some research.

Ikea is... harder than I expected. I've lived within 20 minutes drive of an Ikea for the last seven or eight years and I definitely think of it the same way I think of Walmart or Target, only with meatballs. Giving up Ikea is particularly hard because we're still in the process of organizing the craft room/nursery and almost every awesome craft room I see online is done in Ikea boxes and Ikea shelves.

I am willing to commit to figuring it out, though.

Even with my Ikea angst, though, I wasn't worried... Until my wife pointed out that I hadn't even considered the "big box" that I shop at most often.

Amazon. I have a Kindle, you see, and so Amazon makes it so easy to get that Kindle ebook on my Kindle and...

Yes, it's a problem. And yes, my wife is absolutely right. If I'm not shopping at Barnes and Noble, I shouldn't shop at Amazon. I have plenty of other options, including Smashwords and buying ebooks through vendors that support my local bookstores. I'm lucky enough to have local bookstores, including Powell's. I should appreciate that more.

Deciding where to grocery shop is complex enough to be a post of its own, so that will be up next.