Jack of Many Trades

Atlantean Ascended Masters and Me

Originally posted: 2013-05-09

I've written, here and there, about fictional influences. About the incestuous relationship between my writing and my beliefs, and how they feed each other. I've teased out the way the elements work for me by experimenting with explanations in fiction. I've written about understanding the gods as higher beings who draw on and sometimes seem to emenate from those elemental Powers.

The point where those two ideas converge happened to me today. If fictional ideas are real enough to convey meaningful truth about the Powers, and if the gods I interact with are, in a way, agents of the Powers... it stands to reason that eventually I'd hear from one of the agents of the Powers from my fiction, doesn't it?

I don't pretend to understand exactly how this works. In the context of the story, he's essentially an "Atlantean ascended master" or something along those lines - a 4th dimensional alien who helped build the pyramids from his headquarters on Mu. (Maybe I should call the History Channel?)

Look, I know how this sounds. But I've done enough pop culture work that it's not inherently impossible for me to comprehend it. I could wave my hands and go on about the Powers taking forms we recognize and all of that. It's still... it's different, when it's a form that's only really known to me and the people who read my writing.

I guess it's not that surprising. I mean, I'm learning the cartomancy system from this universe. I'm "studying" its history, metaphysics and magical styles. Why wouldn't I also make this particular connection?

I guess the real question will be "how does this work out?" just as it is with any other aspect of my practice. I'll try working with him and see if it has results. One of my most important tenets is to believe in what works, after all. If it works, great. If not, oh well.