Jack of Many Trades

May Day

Originally posted: 2013-05-01

They were talking about frost on the news promo tonight. I didn't feel like actually watching to see if they were talking about my area specifically, but I did go and bring the plants in. I figured it wouldn't hurt to be on the safe side.

Not an hour later, I stubbed my toe on one of the ceramic pots. Mindfulness fail.

(Off to a slow start with Buddhism 2.0 but at least one person wanted to know how it goes so you'll probably get updates.)

Well, happy Beltane or Samhain to those who celebrate, and happy May Day if you're a Marxist.  We're not doing anything in particular, and what we aren't doing isn't really fit for a PG-13 blog, wink wink nudge nudge.

On the up side, we did decide on a yellow for the bedroom walls. We may end up painting as early as this weekend, it's hard to guess. Settling in is kind of fun, still, but it would be nice to be settled, also. Not having any art up is frustrating.

The major unfinished thing right now is the craft room. It requires More Storage, and we don't have more storage to give it right now. Considering the room has to do duty as studio space for both of us as well as her closet, well, we're asking a lot. I think, once we have time to really set everything up, it'll be great.