Jack of Many Trades

I Am the Firebird

Originally posted: 2013-04-30

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240"]Phoenix 2.0 Phoenix 2.0 (Photo credit: Jon_Tucker)[/caption]

I am the firebird/the boldest song you've ever heard

If you've been reading this blog more than thirty seconds or so, the bird I cultivate in my highest self is not going to be a surprise at all. In the crown chakra, you'll find the Phoenix. The Phoenix is often associated with the Eagle, meaning that in a way my path is a circle. My highest self is still my core, and I need to remember that more often.

I'm honestly at a point where I'm not doing a lot of firebird work right at the moment. It is, to make a terrible pun, easy to burn out on firebird work. It's intense, so I cycle between periods of serious fire and stoking the coals, working on interior stuff (like, oh, all the previous birds) or mundane-seeming projects. It's important for me to keep in mind, though, that the bird is always there, even if its nesting quietly among the coals. Your higher self doesn't go away when you're not actively working.

I think I also have too narrow a definition of "active." Mara isn't tasking me with house work because it's easier. I'm not in school because I really hated sitting around on my lunch hour, and I'm not giving myself writing deadlines because I love the smell of panic in the morning. I'm doing all this stuff Because Reasons, even if I'm struggling to articulate those reasons.

Right now it seems my fire is the hearth fire. I'm okay with that. It still burns. And I don't know that I ever thought I'd say this, but I'm enjoying being a little more grounded for a change.