Jack of Many Trades

Books and Flowers

Originally posted: 2013-04-29

[caption id="attachment_5096" align="alignright" width="300"]a traditional Chinese garden with pond Lan Su Chinese Garden[/caption]

Yesterday, Amber and  I went to the Multnomah County Library's used book sale. It was more uncomfortable than I expected.

Before moving up here, my wife and I got rid of most of our books. By that I mean that we entered the apartment in Phoenix with thirty five boxes of books between us, and we left it with three. We've acquired a few more since we got here, but not a whole lot.

Our first apartment up here didn't have much space for books, so that was probably for the best. I'd already begun to get out of the paper book habit in Phoenix, but this time it seemed that very little was worth the trouble of bringing into the crowded apartment. Some came in but I made sure they went out again just as quickly. I assumed it was just temporary, because of the space issues.

It would appear it's not temporary after all. I found myself hesitant to buy anything that cost more than fifty cents, knowing I would probably turn around and sell or donate it as soon as I was done with it. In fact, all I came home with were graphic novels.

I've always been, not just a reader but a book packrat. Stacks of books made me feel safe. Realizing I don't need - don't even want - that anymore is strange.

Today we got up early and went to a photography class at the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It was a very basic class, but that's exactly what I needed. I finally know what most of the settings on my camera are for!

We spent some time contemplating and photographing the flowers and the scenery, which was a nice break. Oh, and a blue jay hit me in the head. Twice. Apparently that's a thing that happens there. Go figure, huh? Amber joked that it was a message from Blue Jay that I need to be more mindful.

There was more stuff planned for the day, but I ended up getting a headache instead and coming home. I hope your weekend was less painful than mine!