Jack of Many Trades

So What Now?

Originally posted: 2012-12-24

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The longest night has passed, the world hasn't ended, and I'm looking ahead to next year and trying to decide: now what?

Step one is writing - I folded my writing site into this blog intending to continue with both. I've been lax on that, however. I'm thinking about instituting a Friday Fiction post once we get into the new year, with just a short piece here or there. I also am thinking more about the intersection of magic and writing, and I'm looking at my old notes on that subject. I'm hoping to go somewhere with that as well.

Step two is the Pagan Blog Project, because it keeps me on task and writing. I've decided to go full speed ahead into year two with that. I've seen a lot of people who either didn't participate last year or ended up stopping talk about trying it for 2013. All I can say is I wish you all luck - it's harder than it looks, to find something to say every week.

Step three is to find a project. Last year I had Deb's New Year, New You and it was great at keeping me focused on what I wanted to be working on. I haven't found something similar for this year yet. I'm thinking I'll figure out something for myself, but if you've seen something awesomely inspiring making the rounds, drop me a link in the comments!