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Y is for Yggdrasil

Originally posted: 2012-12-07

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]The world tree Yggdrasil. At the foot of the t... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

People think of trees as something you climb, and then you get to the top, and then you win. Once upon a time Odin thought that - he climbed the tree and he put his little country club as high atop it as he could and he built a chair where he could see everything below him and he thought that made him awesome.

Eventually he realized that he was not awesome. Odin took the shortcut down, and he had a noose to break his fall...

I've written about my own personal World Tree before, but not much on Yggdrasil herself even though I've been working with her for months. The truth is, it's difficult work. It's mostly internal, and it's just not very interesting to describe. If you're familiar with Tolkien, imagine having a conversation with an Ent about just about anything that's full of fiddly little details.

Imagine having this conversation if you're a little deficit of attention to start with. This is hard for me, and in a way that I worry sounds kind of pathetic when I try to talk about it.

It's different from talking to her inhabitants. Vidopnir sits at the top of the tree, and Nidhogg at the base, they're equals. Their idea of time is far beyond mine as a human. But Yggdrasil's is beyond even theirs, beyond the fights between Aesir and jornar or between the various worlds on her branches.

I keep coming around even though I don't know that I stand a chance of understanding it. Maybe it's worth doing anyway.