Jack of Many Trades

Augh, November

Originally posted: 2012-11-27

I had some pretty grand plans for November. There was NaNoWriMo. There were other writing goals, too. I was going to get my apartment organized, finally. There was going to be insulating of windows and soldering and painting and...

Yeah, none of that happened. I started strong, taking Samhain and NaNoWriMo Day off work. But then there was all the election drama. A Million questions about my wedding plans, which are assumed to be immediate. (There was a blog post over at Aedicula Antinoi yesterday that summed up my feelings on that.) My mother decided November was the perfect time for ongoing updates about my cousin's stage 4 cancer. Between those things, I lost a lot of the productive time between the beginning of the month and the big deadline at work, and oh yeah, two of my favorite coworkers were run off by my boss, and then the boss was fired.

All of these things are important! Having work to do keeps me employed! I want to be able to get married! I want to know how my cousin is doing! But it made for a very long month and a lot of dull plodding along in my writing. That meant that wordcount anxiety and existential angst about why I do NaNo took even more fun out of writing. It was a vicious downward Lizard Brain spiral.

I'm pulling out of it now, but it took the fun out of everything for about three weeks and required that I actually stop writing for several days to reset. I'm still not great. But I'm better.

So that's why I haven't been posting much. How are you guys doing?