Jack of Many Trades

Gauge Check: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Originally posted: 2012-10-01

I don't know that anyone who reads this blog would be inclined to recognize the holiday, but if you do, I hope you had a good time celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This week has been incredibly hit-and-miss for me. Work is ups and downs in a way that produces anxiety that I'm completely unable to do anything about. It feels like everything is up in the air and waiting on something else - not just work, but in my personal life too.

This morning I sat down and re-did Mara's altar again. She's made it extremely clear that she's not going anywhere, and I didn't really expect her to. I'm trying out a new Sunday schedule where altar maintenance is part of my weekly ritual along with clearing temporary things from my Review file, updating my plan.txt, and generally making sure things are organized and sorted.

The plan.txt thing is a new addition - it adds an element of planning the week ahead on top of the looking back of the review. I plan to try it for a few weeks and see if it helps keep me on track of what matters.

Now if only I trusted myself enough to decide what matters through the anxiety...