Jack of Many Trades

The Jupiterian Cashbox

Originally posted: 2012-09-25

This is another entry in my "Jack is a Jason Miller Fanboy" series.

Back when I first finished reading Financial Sorcery, one of the projects on my short list was the Jupiterian Cashbox. The idea is pretty simple - a small box designed to charge money that's left to sit in it, so that when the money is removed and spent, it carries that energy and brings back more.

I found a great vintage cigar box at a yard sale the next weekend and had all kinds of plans to sand and woodburn it, seal it with oils, line it with velvet and buy specific precious stones for it and... you get the idea. As you can probably guess, this never happened. I have a space for burning but not for sanding. I never got around to buying nice velvet or the proper stones. And the longer it sat there, the more useless I felt about the whole exercise.

So yesterday I finally said fuck it. I stopped by the craft store and bought one of those basic wooden boxes. I decorated it during the hour of Jupiter with markers and supplies that were easy to get my hands on. I'll charge it on Thursday. And if I decide later that a fancier one would be better, the option is still there. In the meantime, at least I'm doing something.