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Gauge Check: Pagans, Pride

Originally posted: 2012-09-17

Today was Pagan Pride Day, so we trooped down to Oaks Park for our second go at attending one of these things in Portland. Once again it was a relatively small affair, at least compared to Phoenix, and most of the items for sale and the skills and information were not to my taste. But it was a beautiful day, and I always love an excuse to visit Oaks Park, so none of that was really a problem.

The highlight of the whole affair was definitely Lupa's workshop on Bioregional Totemism. I've read her blog posts on the subject previously and was looking forward to see what she'd have to say in person. I feel like I got a lot out of it, much of which I'll be writing in a couple of blog posts this week and next (with any luck).

Most of the rest of the day was spent running errands with Amber and worldbuilding for various fiction projects set in the Lost the Sky universe.

Oh, right, this is supposed to be about the whole day and not just today, huh? Yesterday's highlight was a "steampunk yard sale" out in southeast Portland, which had a surprisingly diverse and useful array of things for sale from at least half a dozen folks. I love the concept of themed yard sales; I hope it's something that I see more of. I'd be much more likely to go out of my way for a steampunk or goth or nerd or pagan yard sale than an ordinary one.

The workweek before that was, well, a week. It could have gone more smoothly, certainly. Writing was slow but continued even while having a houseguest. My devotions to Mara continue. I really need to work on that Jupiterian cashbox - I need to set aside time for that and make it a priority.

Beyond that, not much. This week starts with a bit of a bang - I have my MRI scheduled for tomorrow night, which has my anxiety cranked a notch or two higher than it ought to be. Hilariously, I'm not terrified of of going into the little tube so much as I am terrified that I will be terrified - it's not claustrophobia, it's a social anxiety about causing trouble for the MRI technicians.

My brain, ladies and gentlemen.

On that note, I'm going to go make more notes for my novels and not think about tubes.