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Gauge Check: Mostly Writing

Originally posted: 2012-09-10

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="262"] Live Free by LoriofPandora[/caption]

Back to work tomorrow with what'll probably be the biggest deadline of the year coming up on Friday. I've actually been keeping up on it, though, so I'm not expecting it to be too bad. My coworkers are all freaked out, though, and I have to admit it's getting a little old. It's probably a function of my own anxiety - I can't stand my own, so it's hard to put up with other peoples'.

Today, though, I had the pleasure of hitting Rose City Comic-Con. It's a fairly small con (most Portland cons seem to be, but then, who's going to bother competing with Emerald City Comicon?) and I went with the explicit purposes of shopping for awesome art. I was not disappointed, and came home with prints from Claire Hummel, Cat Ferris, Lori Collins and Joseph Boquiren. One of the most amazing things I've noticed in the Portland area is how affordable art is. I regularly find amazing prints for ten dollars and less. It's probably because there are so many artists trying to get their work out there in any way they can.

I spent Saturday down in Portland also, mostly wandering around and visiting the library. This weekend has felt much too short for my tastes, probably because we have company visiting.

I have been writing, though it tapered off a bit this week. I haven't gotten anything to a point worth showing off lately, anyway. I have been writing, both in Evernote and in my notebook during work. I'm hoping to grab some time this week to start typing up the l0nghand notes.

There are two projects I'm planning at the moment - Crossed Genres is looking for stories about older female characters, which is giving me some motivation to work with some characters I've been meaning to do more with, and of course NaNoWriMo is coming up. I have a couple of projects in the hat for NaNo but I haven't made a decision yet as to which I'm going to settle on. I've got time, though.

Meanwhile, my focus is on writing regularly and keeping that level of productivity up and maintaining practice at home. I'm also brainstorming some options for magic at work - I'll probably follow up on that once I come to some conclusions.