Jack of Many Trades

Intake and Import

Originally posted: 2012-08-02

After last night's awkwardness, I had to get up early again today so I could go to the doctor. This was my first visit since acquiring insurance so it was very much a "getting to know you" visit - I was able to talk to the doctor for an hour and a half! We talked about various health follow ups that need to be kept up with and... I asked for a referral for my anxiety.

They work pretty closely with a behavioral therapy office in the same building, so it made sense. But mostly I was just glad I did it. I've been talking lately to people who are seeing a therapist or on a medication and it's really helpful, so I think it was worth stepping up and trying.

Meanwhile I can tell I'm on an anxiety swing because I've been thinking about decluttering again. Focusing on organizing computer files and backups this time. I have my Calibre library backed up now and I've turned my eye to my iTunes library.

I got a notice from Amazon that they're changing the Cloud Player rules and now I'm only allowed 250 songs imported from my own music collection unless i pay $25, so I need to find another option for backing up my music library. Luckily I was thinking about this thanks to a blog post I read a week or two ago. Time to try Google Music again, I think - I already pay for a space upgrade for Picasa so I don't expect that'll be a problem there.

I'm surprised how hard it is to pare down the five hundred or so songs I'd uploaded to the 250 it'll be most convenient to have there.