Jack of Many Trades

Planets: Venus

Originally posted: 2012-07-28

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I come before you on the day of Venus in the hour of Venus and ask your guidance and inspiration…

This was the first time I wasn't eagerly jumping up at the hour of the planet in question. I have a list of excuses I could give you - I'm tired, I hurt, I was crafting. But that doesn't really matter, does it? So I sucked it up and did it anyway.

I immediately had Freya's attention tonight, which I was not expecting - I've never really had much to do with her aside from the occasional public ritual, so I was surprised.

She was of the impression that she didn't quite have my attention in return. I can't really say she was wrong. I went in there still distracted by all the things that I almost let keep me from starting.

I told her I needed her help since I'm not very good with her sphere or her planet. She all but rolled her eyes at me - and okay, I just celebrated my ten year anniversary, maybe I've had some blessings in the realm of Venus. I asked her if she would help me get to know the energy of Venus better and she told me to come back when I knew what I wanted.

This is not exactly going the way I expected. I'm kind of wondering if I should give up and come back to it later. I think I'll keep going, at least for now. I can always do it again later.