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Meditation Monday: Fiber and Bluejaywalking

Originally posted: 2012-06-26

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="306"] the Stag[/caption]

I've been doing a lot of little meditations here and there but nothing particularly interesting until yesterday.

I spent Sunday at Black Sheep Gathering with Amber. She had a class most of the afternoon on Sunday, so I had to find a way to keep myself entertained. Sure, I could have read a book or dicked around on my phone, but I was at a fiber arts festival. I wanted to art some fiber.

I ended up learning locker hooking, which is like the bastard child of crochet and rug punching. It was surprisingly soothing and meditative, though. Sufficiently meditative that I went at it for about an hour and jumped out of my chair when the loudspeaker came on to announce that the show was ending.

Today I took some time off work, and I found myself downtown with some time to kill. I ended up doing some bluejaywalking (and I even saw a blue jay at the Max station as I went into town) through the business district and all along Waterfront Park. As I went, I posted pictures and praises to Instagram. It gave me a lot of time to walk and thing, and it was a great chance to clear my head.