Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2012-06-22

We celebrated quietly on the longest day, hailing Saule and eating a meal with mostly local ingredients. Trout Lake Abbey's celebration is this weekend, but we're not going to make it out there.

Instead the plan is to go down to Eugene and look at sheep. That is to say, Black Sheep Gathering is this weekend, and Amber's so all over that. Of course I'm going with her, so in a way, that'll be our big celebration.

We may not have room to garden, but we still keep track of the seasons. There's farmer's market season, tracked by the produce that's fresh and plentiful. And there's fiber, knowing what the animals produce and when, and how animal fleece and plant fibers get turned into clothing.

Other than that and visiting with a friend from out of town, we don't have too much planned for the holiday. I think that's fine, though - we only have to do half the celebrations in proper ADF style, and we're not yet in danger of running out of holidays.