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K is for... um...

Originally posted: 2012-06-01

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]Viktor Vasnetsov: Kashchei the Immortal (1917–... Viktor Vasnetsov: Kashchei the Immortal (1917–1928). Oil on canvas. Viktor Vasnetsov Home-Museum, Moscow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

So I'm not gonna lie, guys, I'm struggling with this one. Not because I can't think of K words that are relevant, but because I'm struggling to figure out what to say about them.

My outline for the year has Koschei pencilled in for today, for example. Koschei the Deathless is a big figure in Slavic folklore. I've worked with him off and on for a couple of years - I consider it kind of akin to working with the jotnar of Norse paganism, in that it's probably not something to be done lightly but I was already doing it by the time I learned it was probably a bad idea and now it's really too late to change my mind.

And then I thought about keys, because I use keys in my practice pretty regularly (ask me what I'm wearing today) but I use them in a very chaote-eclectic-type manner and I couldn't figure out what angel to approach from in terms of writing about them. Maybe you'll get that post later.

I briefly considered Kindreds, since I've been using these to get some of my Dedicant Path writing done, but "kindreds" is a very broad topic - you've got the gods, the nature spirits, and the ancestors, and the write-up is supposed to be three hundred words on each. So I'll probably approach nature spirits when we get to N but that's out for today too.

I saw a couple of people writing about knowledge, and that is an interesting topic. Particularly for me, as I am a bit of a knowledge overdoser. It's particularly easy in the ADF and in Heathen/Asatru circles, to get very, very caught up in doing the research. My goal is to stop doing this, though. Knowledge is great, knowledge is wonderful, knowledge is a crutch I use to run screaming away from instinct. This is not working. Instinct is important and I can't forget that.

Or rather, I should remember that knowledge encompasses both UPG and things that I can cite in MLA format. Just because I can't rattle off chapter and verse doesn't mean it isn't relevant or true, at least for me.