Jack of Many Trades

Gauge Check: Sunday

Originally posted: 2012-05-21

Yep, I started this post at three in the morning. I took some Advil earlier and slept off a headache, though, so I'm hoping my sleep schedule isn't as fucked as it seems.

I don't actually have much gauge to check this week - there's only so many different ways I can complain about work, for one thing. Yeah, we lost more people in the department this week, it was ridiculous, but I'm tired of being on-edge.

Sometimes I can do that - I can overload on something and my brain just stops processing it as a source of anxiety. Or it's creating a level of constant anxiety such that I'm filtering it, more likely. But the takeaway is that I'm not caring right now.

We had the second druid party today and it was great - we actually got an additional person! (In fact, it was someone whose blog I've read!) Any group that manages to have a second meeting is doing pretty good, and we've got further plans in the offing. I'm definitely looking forward to more of that.

Having some good times with a friend from out of town, and otherwise things are okay. Researching some things. Nothing to show yet, but you guys will be the ones to know when I do.