Jack of Many Trades

Journeying and Blue Jay Walking

Originally posted: 2012-05-14

Running late with my PBP post this week, mostly because of neuro reasons I'll talk about later. Also because I was going to write about Jormungand, and someone else I read did a good job with that so I need to think about it some more.

So I was listening to Don't Stop Believin' and I was thinking about journeying. A lot of people, when they talk about journeying, are referring to sitting in some kind of meditation, maybe with drums or a guided instruction, and visualizing where they're going. That's not what I do.

While I sometimes journey in the out-of-body sense, I more often do what I refer to as "blue jay walking" because I like the pun - I interact with the world in a state of overlap, where what I'm doing here and what I'm doing elsewhere align. Mostly.

This can be as simple as walking the bridges and speaking to them, using the Otherworld as a way to open myself up to impressions or feelings from the structures, or making offerings to Portlandia or the Skidmore Fates. It can also mean letting places in this world match up with places elsewhere. I can go down to the shore and have it align with the tribal space of otter-shapeshifters in the Otherworld, or visit the heights of Washington Park, where I speak with Golden Eagle, or deep below it, where I speak with the Serpents.

I may end up writing more about how I see Portland this way, especially the genus loci of the City - it's something I've been meaning to do for a while, anyway.