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Gauge Check: Where I've Been

Originally posted: 2012-05-04

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="231"] Arnon Kartmazov of Bridgetown Forge[/caption]

I spent tonight at a gallery show opening at ADX in Portland. The artwork was great, but what I went for was the blacksmithing demo.

There wasn't anything I hadn't seen before in his technique, but it was nice to watch him work and remind myself that yes, I could do that.

I know it's been a little quiet over here the last week or so. (Though my definition of 'a little quiet' differs from many bloggers... oh no, only three posts this week!) There are a couple reasons for that.

First of all, work is hitting my perfectionist/"bad at taking criticism" OCD buttons really hard at the moment. Hard enough that I think I'm out of exposure therapy and into compulsions again- I noticed that I was refusing to walk on the red and black colored tiles in the hallway because I had decided that stepping on them brought bad news. I've been focusing on stepping on the black squares the last few days. Next week I'm hoping I'll feel up to tackling the red squares, too.

The other huge pull on both my time and my writing productivity is a project called Story-a-day in May. Stories, even short ones, tend to require more of my attention than poems did last month, so a lot of days, whatever energy I have left for writing after work goes to that. It's not that I don't love you guys, I promise. I just love my characters more.