Jack of Many Trades

Quiet Time, Unquiet Mind

Originally posted: 2012-04-30

Sunday was a new high water mark in the meditation department - Amber and I went out to Washington Park and spent an hour or so in sitting and walking meditation, watching crows, chickadees and squirrels and studying the trees and plants. We also took a picnic lunch and enjoyed that alongside one of the walking paths. It was definitely the most intentional time I've spent with nature since the spring and I'm glad we did it.

I'll be honest, though, I've been failing at the daily meditation lately. It's been really hard to get "back on the horse" with that after my anxiety issues, even though that's passed now. It's like I can feel the OCD in the back of my head scrabling around for new things to latch on to.

Do you remember my comment on Friday about how I had made a small error on Friday that I couldn't fix until today? After fighting the urge to obsess about it all weekend, I came in this morning and it was a five minute correction. No big deal.

The more I can convince myself that the things I obsess over are not worth the brainpower, the less grip OCD will have on me.