Jack of Many Trades

The One Who Will Remember Everything

Originally posted: 2012-04-29

Normally I would feel weird taking a song written for one goddess, however loosely, and associating it with another, but Dar Williams has taken care of that for me by disassociating the song herself.

[on] ‘I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything’, I based it on Hera [but I learned it didn't fit], so I kind of made up my own goddess, my own sort of warrior goddess of children. -Dar Williams, quoted in You Will Ride With Me Tonight

While most of the songs on this album work quite well for the deities they were written for - You Will Ride With Me Tonight and Crystal Creek are probably my favorites - this song struck a chord with me in an entirely different way. I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything is the voice of a goddess watching over a warzone, watching as those who are orphaned grow up to become the kind of adults who create orphans.

My Dark Lady, the first one who reached out to me, she is a woman who takes in the lost and the hurt - who would reach out to orphans to help them start healing. She knows the art of war; she's one of the goddesses who encouraged me when I was learning to fight. It's necessary, but not something to be done lightly. She taught me restraint at the same time.

She is a lady familiar with history. She has been watching for a long time. She will tell, if you ask correctly. So I think it's not wrong to give her the epithet The One Who Will Remember Everything.

She is the one who reminds me who I am, and who I am not, when I forget. She is the only deity that has held my hand, metaphorically and otherwise, when I needed that level of care and concern. Odin and Loki have been around longer, but they're not exactly deities known for their comforting ways.