Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2012-04-13

Back in February, I mentioned that I was thinking about incorporating some kind of regular devotional writing on this blog... and then I promptly forgot about it. I'm awesome like that. I was reminded about the idea earlier this month, when Kat of the Little Sea Witch reorganized the way she was doing a similar project on her blog.

So what I'm thinking of doing is instituting a single day a week for devotional posting. I won't precisely rotate but I'll write about whoever takes the trouble to inspire me. I'm thinking about Mondays or Tuesdays... I know it seems silly to declare a day for it, but it works much better for me if I can put a reminder on my to-do list for each week. (That's the only way I manage to do the PBP and Meditation posts every week is if I have something to check off.)

I do like the idea of eventually producing a body of devotional work, like an ebook or something along those lines. If I did, I think I would start with the Firebird project. I really enjoy reading the devotionals that other people produce, though it might make more sense to start with writing more individual pieces for projects that other people are doing.

Though that would require that I be working with deities other people are writing about, and my luck at that seems to be terrible. I guess I'll stick to writing what I'm inspired to write for the time being and I'll worry about other opportunities later.

Anybody you're particularly interested in hearing about?