Jack of Many Trades

G is for Ganesha

Originally posted: 2012-04-08

Late to the party this week, huh? It's been a very long two weeks since I said I needed to get pushed out of my comfort zone. (Never, ever do that, btw.)

I spent a lot of time asking for help. And that brings us, conveniently, to another letter-G deity.

I've worked off and on with Ganesha for ages. He's just such an easy-to-get-along-with, go-to kind of guy, you know? And when, in the process of working with Laima, I read that she synchronized with Lakshmi and settled on a Lakshmi statue to represent her, suddenly Ganesha was back on my altar with her.

He doesn't seem to ask for much. Conversation, some sweets, some candles. This afternoon at the thrift store I found a pendant depicting him; it's sitting on the altar now, along with the report showing the passing score on my driving test.

I asked for help with some specific obstacles - a clear day, a driving test instructor who was of compatible personality, light traffic around the testing area. I got all those things. And yes, I put in my share too - I have been practicing my ass off the last two weeks getting comfortable with the car, as well as fighting my way through the anxiety and a few very persistent obsessive thoughts related to driving.

You know the joke about how the best find-a-job-spell is to fill out job applications? Ganesha's down with that. You do the heavy lifting and he's generally more than willing to put those last few little details into play.

If you're at all interested in the Hindu pantheon, I would recommend starting with Ganesha. There's good reason he's so widely invoked and loved.