Jack of Many Trades

Strolling Through The Park One Day

Originally posted: 2012-03-27

Today... today I am exhausted. I had planned to go outside on my lunch hour, take advantage of the gorgeous weather, and get some quality meditation time in. Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned exhaustion, that didn't happen. Sometimes I forget just how exhausting it is to be anxious all the time, but Lizard Brain is always happy to come around and remind me, isn't it?

So my meditation round-up for the last week includes some five minute sits for Bud.ge and fifteen minutes of absolutely gorgeous time on Sunday, sitting in the park. I watched a hawk and a couple of crows lash out at each other, and I enjoyed the grass and the trees. It felt like a tremendous release to simply sit there, especially after the anxiety of the previous twenty-four hours.

Am I still anxious? Yes. But it definitely helped, looking at the birds overhead and thinking about my place in the bigger picture.