Jack of Many Trades

Celebrating Ostara

Originally posted: 2012-03-27

So we were going to do an ADF-style ritual for Ostara, but life kept happening, and kept happening, so at this point I think it's fair to say that the small, familiar ritual we did during the week is all the Ostara we're going to get.

What did we do, then? Aside from the general observations last weekend, on the day of the vernal equinox my girlfriend made a pork roast with apples and potatoes, symbolizing the use of the last of the previous harvest. We went out of our way to find a local cider to go with the other ingredients to make the whole meal locally-sourced.

We dedicated the meal to the gods as we're accustomed to doing, lit candles to the Latvian goddess Mara (who is primarily an Earth Mother figure) and called it a night. I'm quite fond of the low-key, comfortable rituals we've been doing, and it was interesting to go through this one while still planning to do the ADF-style ritual later. It made me really think about the choices we were making, even if we've done it that way long enough that they don't feel like choices.

For Beltane, I definitely want to try a full ADF-style ritual, but I think this isn't a half-bad start.