Jack of Many Trades

Religion! With Homework!

Originally posted: 2012-03-13

I've been browsing a lot of ADF-related sites, especially the blogs of ADF members or others working on the dedicant path. One of these blogs belongs to Sanil, and from her I stole the idea of having a specific page on my site where I list the ADF requirements and, as I complete and post things related to them, I will link to them there for future reference. That resulted in the new page listed at the top of my blog.

I have to admit, as much as I am a research junkie (let me tell you about my obsessive book-reading habits) I am slightly overwhelmed by all the requirements when I lay them out like that. Sure, no individual word count is very high - I've written fiction for big bang challenges that's probably longer than my DP documentation will end up being - but the idea of putting myself out there for grading on my religious insights or whatnot is a little scary.

It's not really any worse than blogging, though, if I stop and think about it. I mean, this blog is much more public than any DP requirement, and I'm very much putting myself out there for all and sundry to look at and judge. That essay I wrote on Ereshkigal? That wasn't easy to write, and I know some people will look at that and think I'm crazy. And of course there's the blogging about being crazy, some people will judge me for that, too. So really, compared to that, this is like nothing.

Speaking of OCD, I can tell I'm doing better because my brain is coming up with some really amazingly ridiculous obsessive thoughts. Like, I won't even tell you how ridiculous but they are so ridiculous that I don't even have to try to tell that they're capital-C crazy right off the bat. I'm pretty sure that means I'm doing better, because it means I'm recognizing and putting the kibosh on all the old standards and my brain has to seriously flail around to make up for it.