Jack of Many Trades

A Little Bit Of Everything At Once

Originally posted: 2012-03-09

I'm not sure what's in the air this week but I feel like I've got a lot going on. I'm reading the ADF manual - I was able to get it in ebook format - and thinking about Ostara since that's not far away. We're going to be setting up our druid altar this weekend and I've got a couple of ideas for a non-traditional method for doing that.

Yes, we already have an altar. It's pretty complicated, though hilariously it is divided into fire/upper world, earth/midworld and water/underworld, so it's not totally inappropriate. But I want to do this "right" and not fudge it so another, simple altar is in the works.

There may be pictures! I'm pretty sure there are supposed to be pictures in the long run.

Religion with homework should not be so exciting, but it totally is.

Other things! We did some rearranging in the apartment this week and have finally settled on what seems like a workable plan for furniture and arrangements, and we may have even stumbled onto an arrangement that will let us have company if necessary. Go figure, huh? It's going to take some time to collect all the pieces we want but I'm back in love with my apartment. There will be more work this weekend, in tandem with the new altar project.

Did I tell you I started weaving? I had kind of a rough start but I'm excited to have something craft-wise on my plate again.

I'm also in the middle of Tammy Strobel's Smalltopia, which is about lifestyle design and downsizing, and I'm starting work on the steps she outlines for getting what you want out of life. (I'm also reading another book about lifestyle design, this one combined with magic, by the Unlikely Mage, but I think that one will get its own review when I'm done.) So I've got lists to work on, and I need to get a bulletin board so I can have an inspiration board over my desk again. I didn't realize how much I missed that.

I'm coming back around to decluttering, need to go through stuff this weekend and decide what to get rid of along with the rearranging, probably. I always feel better when I'm getting rid of things. That's spring for you, I guess. And it does really feel like spring now, it's been hitting 60 off and on for a few days and I am weirdly excited. I'm not usually a big fan of spring and summer but right now I'm looking forward to a ton of things. The farmer's market starts again this month! Among other things. I keep adding event calendars to my Google Calendar. There's a ton of things to do if I want to do them.

I still need to come up with another "E" topic for tomorrow but I've got a couple of hours, I'm sure I'll think of something.