Jack of Many Trades

D is for Devotion

Originally posted: 2012-02-18

I'm sure that's going to be a common word today, but it's what I'm thinking about, so y'all are stuck with it.

I was reading this blog post by Morag and this post by Kat and chewing on the idea of blogging as a regular devotional offering. Obviously I talk about my deities here and there on this blog, but not in any kind of "regular" format - just when I'm doing something with them or thinking about them. This would be the opposite of that; instead of blogging because I think about Mara or Ilmarinen, I'd be thinking about them because I'm blogging.

If nothing else, it's certainly a style that's well-suited to my habits... It's not too different from what I was doing when I was taking my metalwork classes for Ilmarinen, actually. I'm not sure if I think it would be better to have a separate blog or to include those posts here. If they're here, I'm less likely to neglect them, I think. But then it's not functioning as a "shrine" unto itself, is it?

Something to think about, anyway.

The closest thing I have to a regular offering right now is my charity fund. Every paycheck, a portion of the money I get goes aside for internet fundraising, signal boosts, auctions, people doing commissions to raise funds, that sort of thing. I do this for Mara, because when I've needed things, she's provided via donations and the generosity of others. I'm generous now because I can afford to be.

(Though I got some bad news about the car today, so I've got some money magic to do later. Anybody have recommendations for money magic? I've had good luck so far but I'm always looking to expand my repertoire.)

More regular devotion is probably a good idea, but I hate the idea of starting something like that and then flaking out on it. I guess if I do it, I need to be committed. What do you think?