Jack of Many Trades

Gauge Check: Payoff

Originally posted: 2012-01-14

Wealth: This one's the biggie. I got the job! I've gone in for three days now. I kept hesitating to say anything because I was so very, very scared I would somehow jinx it. Tonight I celebrated with a movie.

Not that this means this goal has ended, no. Once I'm settled in, I'll get to work on freelancing and alternate income schemes.

Health: New job means I'm eating somewhat better lunches. Changes in my girlfriend's future likely mean we'll be able to eat home-cooked meals more often. Trying to walk but it's pretty cold.

Neuroatypicality: This week was a mess and a half between Monday's emotional roller coaster, Tuesday's anxiety attack, Wednesday's new routine, etc. See above about not wanting to jinx things. Spent a bunch of time self-medicating with repetitive cell phone games. Anxiety level is down today, though. That's worth something, right?

Creativity: Um. I had an idea at work today. Does that count? Need to get this one back on track.

Magic: PAYOFF BABY! Tonight I'm offering drinks on the altar and praise on the blog:

Hail and thank you to Mother Mara! Hail and thank you to the Allfather! Hail and thank you to Ganesh, for helping clear my path of obstacles! Hail and thank you to all the gods and spirits who helped!