Jack of Many Trades

Gauge Check: A Little More Casual

Originally posted: 2012-01-07

I'm not breaking my weekly check-in down by topic this week. There's a good... reason? excuse? I'll go with reason. There's a good reason for that. I've been so overwhelmed with job/wealth category stuff, and doing what magic I could toward that, that everything else fell by the wayside.

After the interview, the rest of the week was a downward spiral of anxiety and depression. Yesterday I felt pretty hopeless, but today I feel more hopeful; what a difference a callback makes, eh?

Yes, another callback - another step in the process, but still moving forward. Got a reply to another resume as well. Shoaling really does seem suited to a job hunting context. After all, there are plenty of different jobs out there and I'm making an effort to apply for anything I find interesting and within my qualifications.

I stopped under Washington Park to sing glossolalia for the serpents under the hill there, in thanks. I left an offering for Mara this morning, before I got the call. My girlfriend left her another this evening.

I'm also going out of my way to apply for freelance writing gigs and collecting places to submit my poetry. They may not pay a lot, but it's another area where I can put effort into something I like doing and care about. I also brainstormed a short story I'll likely write this month, so I can't say creativity was entirely overlooked this week.

I feel hopeful. Right now I think things.will work out. The augeries point to this job, but if it isn't this, it will be something else. For the moment, at least, I can believe that.