Jack of Many Trades

Call to Mara

Originally posted: 2012-01-05

Mate, mate, mother of mothers, mother of all Lady of the cultivated fields and raw earth Mistress of the market, entrepreneurial spirit Goddess of the home business and small farm Giver of security, home and wealth

While my soul journeys where it will you care for my body, granting me a dry, warm apartment, food when I hunger, the things I need and even a few I want. In return I share your blessings, passing along donations or comfort when I can.

I beseech you now, please comfort me. You helped me find a job when I needed one and it has kept me whole and warm but the commute is long and gas is expensive. I miss the cozy apartment I've built.

I seek your kindness again, o Queen of Disks. May the job market be as fertile as your forests. May I find favor in the eyes and ears of HR representatives and hiring committees. May the benefits be generous and pay steady that I can relax, and feel safe in your blessing.