Jack of Many Trades

So Let's Try This Again

Originally posted: 2012-01-03

Today I decided it was time to get a new phone - my previous one is about three years old, which is forever in Cell Phone Land. Not a lot of cash to spare at the moment, though, so I ended up getting an Android phone that was free with my contract renewal.

While I was getting everything set up - literally as the store rep was doing the keyboard work to switch the service from my old phone to my new one - my old phone rang. It was the woman I'd spoken to previously at Job I Want. Had I heard anything? Well no. She told me she had good news: I made it to the next stage of interviews.

The campus president wanted to know if I'd be available tomorrow. So! I did a lot of the same things I did last week - ritual cleansing and so on.

I also sang runes this time, the ones that came to mind - raidho for the right path to show itself to me, uruz for sudden change for the better, laguz for smooth lines of communication, and sowilo for success. When I sing runes, I do it at a certain pitch where I don't actually feel like I'm singing the note. Instead it feels like the rune is vibrating in the air around me and through me.

I'm not sure how to explain it besides that. It works best in enclosed spaces, where the sound waves can reverberate.

Now I'm going to get another good night's sleep and we'll see what happens in the morning!