Jack of Many Trades

Gauge Check: New Year's Eve

Originally posted: 2011-12-31

Time to check in and try to pretend I've accomplished anything worth doing this week!

Health: I've instituted a small exercise program. There are a handful of video game systems at my current workplace that are free play, and I've been taking advantage of dance games. So that's one small goal in progress.

Wealth: Well, there was the obvious: interviews two and three for the job I currently have my eye on. I didn't hear anything today either, but I don't think I really expected to. What not-hearing means is still up in the air, and likely will be through Tuesday at the earliest.

Beyond that, this morning I woke up to a comment on my last entry from Gordon of Rune Soup (one of my favorite magical blogs; I was a total excited fanboy reading the comment), who suggested doing job applications first thing in the morning, before depression has time to settle in. I'd been trying (keyword: trying) to apply after I get home from my day job. This was a bad plan; not only is that after midnight, but I come home oversocialized and unable to do more than be too exhausted to move. This morning, his advice resulting in the sending of three applications through Craigslist, and a short list of three more to fill out this weekend. Thanks, Gordon!

Neuro: Mentally, this has been a rough week. There's be a lot of anxiety around the interview process along with Lizard Brain's panicked grab at job-related magical thinking. I have to be social at work, so I end up coming home and crashing to the point that I don't want to move enough to turn out the light; I'm basically beating depression off with the most desperate of sticks right now. As long as I'm aware of it, though, it's probably manageable.

Creative: I don't have much finished to show for it, but I have been making some slow progress on my new novel project. I think I've written at least a handful of paragraphs every day this week at work.

Magic: This could be going better, but I've made some progress. I did that serious magic on Monday night for the job interview. It was the heaviest thing I'd done in months, and yet still so much less than my grand plans. Final verdict is a mixed bag, I guess. I did finally get around to picking up the post-it notes for sigil work today, though. Let's see if I get around to actually doing those this weekend.

This is most likely my last post of 2011. This blog is too new to warrant a year in review, but I'm glad I found the New Year New You challenge. I already feel like next year will be off to a good start.