Jack of Many Trades

Job Magic Check-in

Originally posted: 2011-12-23

Well, I totally failed at getting around to making the mojo bags before my interview this morning, but I did ground, center and talk to Mara before my phone interview. I think it went pretty well, though I won't hear for sure until early next week.

My girlfriend's interview is this afternoon, and I have set her up with a few key pieces, jade and gold. Jade is a favorite go-to stone for a lot of situations that require power or grace. She also went down to Conjure Oils yesterday, where the very talented Vajra set her up with a perfume to encourage others to see her as "shiny" and appealing. I'm making another offering to Mara this morning, on both of our behalves, and this weekend I will probably balance my checkbook and finish "cleaning house" so we can bring as much orderly energy as possible into the New Year.

This job's description is almost identical to what I was previously doing, so confidence going in wasn't really an issue. It's basically exactly what I want - close to my apartment, at a good salary, working with numbers. So this is the awkward part: trying not to get my hopes up while still staying positive and keeping "hire me" energy going toward toward the people making the decision.

If this doesn't work, something else will, but I really want this to work.