Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2011-12-22

One of the very practical goals I had listed for job hunting was the creation of a mojo bag to wear/carry for job interviews. This was originally a theoretical goal I was going to work on over the next two weeks or so, but I got a call today to schedule a phone interview this week, so at the very least I feel like I should have something basic put together that I can hold onto while I'm on the phone. I should have enough raw materials hanging around the apartment do make a quick one.

I'll be doing that tomorrow night, which left tonight free to re-work my stang. You can see the picture over there on the right - I've had the staff itself for four, almost five years now. It's considerably taller than you can see in the photo, since I had to get close enough that any detail would show, but it's a bit shy of four feet tall.

This is not a traditional form by any means, though it does meet the basic definition of  a stang - it has two main branches that spread like horns. Everything else has personal symbolic meaning and many of the pieces have been on there as long as I've had the stick.

Taking care of my tools definitely falls under the heading of getting back into regular practice, as well as not being afraid to go outside and wave my magic stick around. I'm glad I went out - it was just barely snowing, in that there was nothing white on the ground, but the air was full of tiny crystals that sparkled in the streetlight. It was beautiful, and I really felt like my work was worthwhile.

Tomorrow I'll be doing my best to pull out all the stops, job-magic style. Wish me luck!