Jack of Many Trades

Goal: Magic

Originally posted: 2011-12-20

Finally, that brings me to goal number five. (And no, this blog isn't actually going to be New Year, New You all the time, it's just the case for this week.) My fifth goal is magic itself. I need to get over my fear of using magic as well as the worry that it's somehow petty or impure to use magic for personal goals like finances or writer's block.

I'm very good at minimizing the challenges I face. During my serious health issues, I often felt like I shouldn't complain or feel bad because other people are sicker. Lately, though, I've realized that it could always be worse. That doesn't mean it can't be better, or that I shouldn't work to make it so. I have a job, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't want a better job, or do spellwork to achieve that, and so on down through my goals.

Magic isn't a zero-sum game. The fact that I do a spell for something fairly mundane, like keeping the apartment warm, doesn't "use up" some magic so that I won't have it available if I need it later.

My goal is to get in the habit of just doing it, whatever it might be for. I shouldn't leave it like wedding china, sitting in a cabinet waiting for an Important Enough Event that never comes. With that in mind, I want to aim for at least one magical working a week, whether major or minor, just to get myself in the habit of doing it again.