Jack of Many Trades

Goal: Creativity

Originally posted: 2011-12-19

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This is actually the goal that's off to the best start already. Having a new blog has encouraged me to do more writing in the last few days, and in the last month I've made some definite inroads against the writer's block I suffered from since September.

Just because writing's in good shape, however, doesn't mean all my creativity is moving in the right direction. The big thing I'm missing right now is my metalwork. I consider it to be a devotional act and a magical act of creation - I've made my own runes and ritual knives before, and I enjoy working energy and intent into my metalwork.

The problem right now is twofold: time and money. I'm in a small apartment, so a forge or even a welder is out of the question. There are places in the area where I can rent project space and equipment, but that requires both the money to do it and the time to get there while they're open. In the meantime, I think I need to find something productive to do with my hands. Maybe I'll get back into jewelry making or take up chainmail.

I'll be doing my best to work magic for inspiration, to invoke the deities that take interest in my creative work and ask for their advice and blessings, and to use the results of my other goal work to pursue this one.