Jack of Many Trades

A Sinking Feeling

Originally posted: 2011-12-11

So do you suppose pouring some mental Draino down my time sinks will free up some clogs?

I spend too much time with negative influences. I cycle around, honestly - I'll start out with a message board or a chat room that seems interesting at first glance but ends up not being what I want it to be. Much of the time I end up sticking around anyway.

Either I want to see how outlandish things will get, or I want to somehow get everyone to respect me, as if it will prove something. It doesn't, though. If I succeed, I have the respect of... mostly of a bunch of people I'm not interested in. If I don't succeed, who cares?

It's a lose-lose situation, and I'm better off spending the evening with a book. But I go back, usually because I'm on anyway to write or do homework or something, and a chat room or a forum is a nice little distraction. But it always reaches a point where it's not fun anymore.

That point is now.  Time to clear out my bookmarks. Time to stop hanging around and start finding... I don't want to say more productive things to do with my time. Productivity isn't the issue.

More positive things, maybe. That makes sense.