Jack of Many Trades

On the Other Side

Originally posted: 2011-09-15

So, yeah, I stopped posting when we got down to the deadline. Highlights of the last week or so included finding a charity that would show up on short notice and pick up the four or five bins of stuff we were getting rid of, realizing at the last minute that we were going have to ship about eight boxes instead of three, and still panicking to get everything into the car at the last minute. I have never in my life wished we owned an SUV before, but the day we were leaving the apartment, I honestly did.

But we left, that was the important thing. We spent the better part of a week in hotel after hotel as we drove and then waited for an apartment. I watched a lot more TV than I usually do, including my favorite Hoarding Enablers, American Pickers, and not one but two storage unit auction shows.

At that same time, we were using a storage unit for a few days so we didn't have to drive around with everything we owned packed tightly into the car. The single month of storage payment was worth it to be able to use the rear view mirror while apartment hunting. But every time I punched the gate code in, I couldn't help but think about those auction shows.

Anyway, we're now ensconced with all of our belongings in a studio apartment with a craft room. I'm not kidding. It means Amber will have a space for her yarn and spinning supplies, and since that was what took up the most space in the old place, I have no problem with that decision.

In the end, I ended up fitting all my books into a single office file box. However, almost as soon as I was moved in, there were a few I was replacing at Goodwill - my How To Fix Everything guide, for example. I'm still not quite as handy around the house as I'd like to be, but if I'm going to be installing clothes racks and things I need to look like I am!

So, yes, I do have a book problem. But in my opinion, the important thing is that I've established that books that come in can go back out again. It's not what I have, but what I keep, that matters.