Jack of Many Trades

Decluttering Bookstores

Originally posted: 2011-07-21

So Borders is giving up the ghost entirely.

Almost all the ones near me already closed, but there's one left in reasonable driving distance (near the Half Price Books where I've unloaded so many things lately). I don't really want to do much shopping, though, because however fast a reader I am, I doubt it'll be fast enough to read anything I buy there before moving.

I may go raid the magazine section once it's on sale, though. Magazines are great for a quick read and purge.

Even with my efforts to get rid of books, I have to admit that losing bookstores makes me sad. I worked in a Borders after graduating college - though that particular location has been gone for two years now - and it was a real joy to be surrounded by books every day (even if I hated the customers).