Jack of Many Trades


Originally posted: 2011-07-11

Saturday was a bit of a wash.

We were going to try selling some clothes at a local exchange/secondhand shop, but the buyer wasn't there and the kid behind the counter wasn't sure when he would be. We went to get some lunch and figured we'd try back in an hour.

Unfortunately, when we tried to start the car after lunch, it was no go. A very nice couple helped us try to jump the battery, but that didn't work either. My girlfriend ended up calling roadside assistance, who sent a very helpful tow truck driver and found a service center open Saturday afternoons. (Harder than you might think.)

Turned out the battery was just that dead, which was annoying and ate up more than twice what we made selling books the day before. (Our car has a weird battery. That was a question it never occurred to me to ask before buying a car.) On the other hand, it could have been much worse, so I'm not really complaining.

After that, it was getting late and starting to rain, so we just dropped the clothes off at Savers. Some things are just not worth the effort, and we figured that was one of them. (Besides, I got all my fabulous shoes at thrift stores, it felt like it might be bad thrift karma to sell them.)

Today, I'm at work. It's not a particularly busy shift, and I'm taking some time to sort through papers and get rid of those I don't need via the industrial shredding. Tonight I'm going to continue sorting through journals and sketch pads. A few of the books in my journal box were actually only written on a few pages, and I'm parting with those after taking out anything useful. Sketch pads in particular seem to have been a space hog; many have only a few images worth keeping, but I held onto them because they're full. Time to rectify that!