Jack of Many Trades

Hardly a Holiday

Originally posted: 2011-07-09

Friday's a day off on my current schedule, but I had to call in for a work meeting around three. That meant that going anywhere was pretty much a wash, and really, I was just looking for an excuse to stay home and do some more purging.

I went through my books again, and between that and adding the DVDs to the pile, I had enough to fill two of those giant blue Ikea bags. I'm planning to keep doing this repeatedly until we leave. Every time, it gets a little easier. Every time, something I wanted to keep before ends up on the "out" pile. It's slow going, but we've got the time to go slow.

My other goal for today was to get the "fanciest" piece of furniture we're selling ready for me to take pictures and post them on Craigslist. I want to post this one earliest so I can ask for a higher price and wait it out before I have to drop it. I didn't actually get around to taking pictures because I needed batteries for my camera; I didn't want to half-ass it with camera phone pictures. I think I'll get around to it on Monday.

I also spent an hour or two going through my shoes. I mentioned it to my friend as I was doing it, and she was shocked; I've got a bit of a reputation as a shoe junkie. I'm parting with three out of four pairs of sneakers, keeping the ones that are the most versatile and a little classier than my other ones. I'm also parting with most of my dress shoes; I'm keeping my black creepers because they'd be expensive to replace and because they're my favorites, and I'm thinking I should hold onto a pair of brown dress shoes too, though I might let go of that last pair.

I'm keeping both my black Doc Martens and my brown steel-toe boots, because they'd both be expensive to replace. I'm keeping my teal boaters, because they're ridiculous and I love them. But my shoe collection is 1/3 to 1/4 of what it was, so I figure I'm doing alright.

After my girlfriend got home, we took the accumulated books, CDs and DVDs to Half Price Books. So many of them had Goodwill and Savers price stickers, or clearance tags, that I'm willing to guess that I didn't lose too much money on them. That picture up there is the pile on the sale counter once we'd unloaded the giant Ikea bags.