Jack of Many Trades

The Perfect Storm

Originally posted: 2011-07-07

Wow, been a while, huh?

So the perfect storm seems to be blowing in, and I'm not talking about "Haboob 2011" or whatever the media's calling this week's dust storm. I mean that my girlfriend's work contract is ending, our lease is going to be up, and her grad school aspirations lie elsewhere.

Yep, it's time to move.

We're just under two months out from zero hour; the lease is up the last day of August. I'm back here because I want to write about the purging process, both to keep my head on straight about the whole thing and hopefully to get some feedback.

So far we've finally taken the first pile of books (which we sorted out weeks ago) to Half Price Books, cleaned out stuff from the pantry we don't expect to use in the next two months, and gone through our closets for an initial clothing purge.

Last night my girlfriend and I attacked the DVDs. Now, most of my DVD collection is a mess of things I got at secondhand stores, video stores that were going out of business, and cheap-o bins. (What can I say? I love terrible movies.) The first thing we did was go through them all and decide which ones we simply weren't interested in owning at all. Those are going to Half Price Books with the next book purge.

Out of what remained, everything that wasn't in a fancy case box set got moved to a sleeve and sorted. Now you'd never know I have a collection of terrible, badly-dubbed wuxia movies... which is probably for the best. You're probably already judging me on my Bill & Ted's Excellent Boxed Set.