Jack of Many Trades

Taking Orders

Originally posted: 2011-05-02

[caption id="attachment_502" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Caduceus"]caduceus[/caption]

I got my second commission this week, sort of. The first was the necklace I made for my girlfriend. The second, well...

This week was mostly free time at the forges to work on our final projects and anything else we wanted to work on. I'd mostly finished up my final project (which you'll see later this week) and was playing with a few pieces, messing with spirals for the most part.

I had two round pieces about the same length in the forge and when I pulled them out together I had the feeling I should twist them together, so I did. As I twisted them, the top got a bit out of alignment so that the two ends were apart and curved a bit.

"Looks like the top of a caduceus," I said to myself.

"That would be the idea," I heard about as distinctly as I ever hear anything.

I have to admit, I was not expecting that. Ilmarinen was the only god I had heard while I was at the forge up to this point, and for the most part he's left me to my own devices. I've worked with Hermes on occasion, but never closely or for long. Usually when I see him it's because I'm playing Gofer of the Gods and he's got something I need to take somewhere.

But today, here he is asking for a caduceus. For... someone who is not me, I know that much. Who it's for, I don't know.

So, um. If you got a Metaphysical Package Tracking Number from Hermes today, let me know, okay?